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Audience of One

As I grow older I’m learning more and more that your success is not predicated on who congratulates you when you achieve it, but true success is when you know that you are walking in the divine step that God has set for your life. Many times when we are accomplishing things we want to share our success or victories with those around us but what if our victories are meant to be solo, or for an audience of 1? Oftentimes people's determination or drive for success is predicated on who claps for them when they succeed. I would submit to you that this mentality is a trap and a ploy of the enemy. If your drive to succeed is predicated upon who claps for you, you will find yourself looking to prosper based off of people and not the necessity of destiny! It is so vitally important that you remain awake because of destiny not people. Many people are dying seeking the applause from people who aren’t even clapping for them! Know that even if they don’t clap that doesn’t change or alter the destiny that God has indeed set before you! You will win whether they’re happy for you or not! Destiny is waiting for you!

Dangerously Written,


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